Before getting into details explanation of our privacy policy, lets first introduced to privacy terms in brief.

Information Privacy
The whole privacy policy is mastered for our website which will be used as a business directory site in Bangladesh. They are formed to maintain a strong business communications between the business owner who make listings into our site & who correspond with them to fulfill their business need. It also encircles the advertiser who give advertisements for promoting their business or products. As a user you should go through with these policies in details because they hold key aspects of every details of privacy policy. Let’s go through with them:

  1. Your business identification will be shared with contracted clients who want to make communication with you. It is noted that you can always maintain the sharing policy of your information.
  2. Concerning the issues arising in website you have to make contact with the third parties.
  3. There will be an understandable agreement between you & us about how much information you want to share with your clients for business purpose.
  4. We will take sufficient steps to maintain your personal information in safeguarding position. But if there are any type of breaching due to the lack of your measures then we wouldn’t be responsible for it.

Collected Information
The Information will be categorized under personal information where it will include sensitive personal information like your financial information, billing information, location etc. And non sensitive information refers to your name, DOB, telephone number etc.

Process of gathering Information
We have several sources we will gather those mentioned information with your full consent. Like at the time of creating your account or through your business products, advertisements, listings. Or through your claiming, converting & promoting process. All these information will not be saved or use without your full consent.

Sharing Process
We may share your information with your consent with our third parties, advertiser, advertising networks, blogs, online postings. And without your consent if circumstances arrives it will be shared with law enforcing agencies.

Protecting Information
We take high security measures to protect your data by encrypting them & applying layers of security in database. You have to be cautious about preventing unauthorized access into your account by giving strong password.

Termination of Account
We can remove or ban your account if any wrong doings are found that is done from your account which violates our agreements. All your data will be removed but business listings cannot be removed if the account is closed.

Security Measures
Our website is highly secured which is run by third party. And we follow high standards to maintain it. For any type business transaction this website is quite safe. If any type of breach is happened due to your account information lakings then we wouldn’t be held responsible.

Updating or Changing into Privacy Policy
BD Business Info reserves total liberty to change its privacy policy anytime it wants. When changed you will be notified by email or giving you notice about the change. And if you want to continue your activities into our website then you have to comply with all those changes.

Website Restrictions
User would not assist or encourage or in person violate our user agreements, violate third party rights. And would not also bully or harass or stalk other members or put into harmful contents like virus, reformation of website content without our consent is also strictly prohibited.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or how BD Business Info Website deals with your personal information you can Contact Us. Please also refer to our FAQ and Terms & Conditions.